Snootie Foodie Friday!

It’s time for a Snootie Foodie Friday post! I (Caroline) find it ironic that I am making the first foodie post, because quite frankly I don’t consider myself to be someone with much culinary expertise (read: I have burned spaghetti), but I am learning to find inspiration in new places and I’m noticing that my husband and my tummy are thanking me for it.

Now, I know that one of the purposes of this blog is to keep you abreast of new trends so let me apologize in advance for being a bit behind the times.  I know that many of you have already discovered the wonders of the Food Network. Well, until recently I couldn’t have shared in your delight. I sped right past that channel with the clicker in search of bigger (read: House) and more exotic (read: Hunters International) kinds of things. That was until our old TV bit the dust and my hubby bought the TV of his dreams.

I am normally not all about the aesthetics of a man-sized TV, but this thing is fantastic. So, day two of new TV bliss, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Giada DeLaurentiis cooking up a storm in all her HD glory. In her own house, yall! How great is that? So, now I’m hooked. Not only does she spend 80% of her time making things I think I could actually make, but she makes it look so pretty! Here is the dish that she made on that first fateful day we “met”.

(Maybe in one of our next Foodie posts I will include pictures of how I pretend to be her while “cooking” my patient son a grilled cheese…)

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